The current lake level on Lake Hartwell as of 2.8.2017 is 650.22. The level at full pool is 660. So, Lake Hartwell is currently 9.78' below full pool. Lake Hartwell water levels fluctuate and the levels are quite often lower during winter months. This usually doesn't affect boaters and swimmers because water & air temps are a bit low to be enjoying activities like this. I have been visiting Lake Hartwell since 1992 and have lived on the lake full time since 1996. I think I've heard every urban myth about Lake Hartwell Water Levels in existence. For example: 1) The corps of engineers has lowered the lake level to work on the Dam 2) The corps lowers the lake level every year so the big boats with higher bridge clearance requirements (like houseboats) can make it up to CLEMSON UNIVERSITY for football games. Neither of these statements are true.

   Lower lake levels actually are a help in many instances. If you have a boat with a tall mast, fly bridge or tall arch you may be limited by bridge clearances in your navigation of some parts of Lake Hartwell when lake is at full pool. For example: Centerville Rd Bridge, Camp Rema Bridge, Hattons Ford Bridge as well as some others have low clearance. Now is a great time to do some exploring up the Seneca River and to the upper part of the Tugaloo River. Lake Hartwell is HUGE! 962 miles of shoreline and 56,000 acres of water. Another great thing about lower lake levels is that it's a fantastic time to do some underbrushing in your corps property and general clean-up in areas now exposed and not under water. There's plenty of beach area now to have burn piles to get rid of unwanted debris.