I have lived on Lake Hartwell for over 23 years and over the years the lake level has fluctuated, mostly due to either lack of rainfall or tremendous amounts of rain. I don't put the blame of The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers when there are lower lake levels like most. The glaring reason for lower lake level is a lack of rain, plain and simple. I have seen the lake level rise above full pool after being several feet below the 660 normal level in less than a week. I always tell people that it's always going to come back to full pool and it always does.

   There is a very important key to buying the right property on Lake Hartwell. The 1st key is to find a VERY EXPERIENCED Lake Hartwell Realtor that has actually been all over Lake Hartwell in a boat. The second key is to make sure you check out the approach to your property by boat to check for any shoals that may be covered by water and may impede access to your property. Also measuring the water depth at the end of the dock or where your dock will be placed is important. Don't always think you got a great deal because the price was low. Usually, you get what you pay for. if you buy a property with good water, the droughts and low water levels won't affect you and your enjoyment of beautiful Lake Hartwell. The US Army Corps of Engineers web site offers historical water level data as well as the current lake levels - Check it out . Make sure you call Parker Quigley Properties when you are ready to buy your little piece of Lake Hartwell. You can keep up with the newest listings by using the following Link: Click Here