Yesterday we spent the day on Lake Hartwell swimming, picnicking, talking and learning to WAKE SURF (some of the younger people with us, that is). The weather was gorgeous - no humidity, blue skies, perfect water temperature! This was probably the nicest weather day we'll have all season.........UNTIL......The wrath of the DARK CLOUDS unleashed one of the hugest storms I've seen in a very long time. We were probably luckier than most. We put the "hammer down" and out raced the rain to Portman Marina where we ducked into an empty slip until the rain let up. By that time it was about 9 pm and we had left our dock to start our FUN DAY around 12:30 pm.

     I told this story as a precursor to the following suggestions: 1) Always make sure all of your Boat lights are in good operating order before you strike off for a day of lake fun - We Did! 2) Always pack a change of clothes and a dry towel or 2 in a waterproof container - We Did Not. 3) Always make sure your cell phone is fully charged with an extra battery or a way to plug it in to recharge. WE DID! 4) Always make sure you either have a friend on standby or that you have a membership to Boat US just in case you run out of gas, break down or need assistance - We always have a Boat US membership and it's well worth the small cost!